Mr. Liquid Crystal explains in detail the science of liquid crystals, the false starts and “Aha” moments that Jim and his team went through to build usable and marketable LCDs, and the legal challenges Jim found himself facing. Over the course of his 50+ year career, Jim’s patents and inventions were challenged twice by companies claiming they invented and owned his work. In both cases, Jim won. For his lifetime of work, Jim L. Fergason was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame in 1998.

Mr. Liquid Crystal is a book that will fascinate scientists, inventors and everyone with a dream.

“When I was getting started, I would go on airplanes and count the number of products with liquid crystal displays in them in the Sharper Image catalogs. Twenty, thirty, forty products would have liquid crystal displays. Now you go to the store and all the games, all the telephones — there are hundreds of millions of products made with them.”

James L. FergasonInventor

“That is the essence of science: Ask an impertinent question, and you are on the way to a pertinent answer.”

Jacob Bronowski

“When you recognize you may have made a mistake, admit it to yourself and go onto the next one. Don’t limit yourself to one. Don’t think this one idea is the only one you’re ever going to get and it was an epiphany.”

James L. Fergason
Mr. Liquid Crystal: The untold story of how James L. Fergason invented the liquid crystal display & helped create the digital world

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